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A Personal Vision


As Long As..

a personal vision
Image courtesy www.franjexart.com  Visit to be inspired! "I chose the quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson - the earth laughs in flowers - as my gift to you, to remind you to laugh.  What makes you laugh, - flowers, your children, music -when did you last really laugh?"  Laughter, we know, is healing. "Please share with us, what gives you joy, what makes you laugh?"  Fran Jex ART, Decorative artist, Box 6955, Zimbali, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, 4418
As long as people suffer
While a child still
Catches a disease
From dirty water 
As long as people
Have so many
Under a water seige
Anywhere today.
As long as
Six months later
A country is not
Better off than before,
The needy are
Dying so needlessly
From so many
Earthbound contaminants.
It is time
The cry is heard.
No more wasted energy.
No more bloodshed.
A way to Care.
A must to Share.
All can dare
Bring Hope to the world.
It is possible
Just as we know
Lives can be saved
So, too, relief is near.
A way to
Bring such release
From lack of even
The Basics in Living.
The FOREVER Campaign 
For Global Humanitarian
Relief comes to us all
To work together for
A Better Community
For you, For me, For All.
Let us stop ignoring
All those suffering
Take the time
And the Effort,
Pool the resources
Even be frugal awhile.
Help others so
Everyone will know
There is real
Caring in the world.
Just like a
Parent cares for a child.
So, too, ABC4All
Works to bring relief.
Improve Health Maintanance.
Better Water, Better World.
Gardens that grow to feed us all.
And shelter to protect the vulnerable.
A Better Community For All.
It's in sight now.
Anyone alive
Who is receptive can do it.
Think, act, bring
Relief to all.
Just by supporting
Global Humanitarian Relief.
Remember 2 Remember.
Do not forget.
Keep the help flowing.
Just like the purified rivers of the world.
Look in all directions!
Look to the left,
Look to the right.
Look ahead.
Look behind.
We can do it.
Just by caring.
Coming together.
Unified in our Diversity.
Cultural Unity
Across all divides
Bring us together creating
Relief for those waiting.
A commitment, a desire.
Resolute, determined.
Blanketing the World
With blessings for all.
A Better Community For All.
Burton Danet, Ph.D.
Co-Founder, ABC4All Portal4Relief
FOREVER Campaign for Global Humanitarian Relief (FCGHR)