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Dear Friends,

Just recently, I became a Pass It Forward (PIF) Host (mentor).  PIF helped me create my own program called Evelyn’s Acts of Kindness Program which you can now access on my  free web page www.aunitedworld.org/evelyn.asp.  

The beauty of this type of volunteer work is that it has many benefits. First, I am volunteering my time and doing exactly what I want to be doing, when I want to be doing it. Two, I am receiving immediate gratification from my friends which really makes me feel good. Three, I now have my own personal mentor that is always there to help me accomplish my goals and get what I want. Furthermore, my mentor helps connect me to other like minded people that also want to make a difference under their own terms and conditions.  

You can read about how I became a PIF Host (mentor) by going to www.loveitforward.com.   

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