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Path of PAW to the World




THEN THERE WAS Adewole Taiwo, Nigeria.


Can the rest of the ABC4All Mentors in 109 countries be far behind?



We have hundreds of people in USA/Canada who have experienced PAW.  Some of the "First Tasters" are featured on YouTube and at KinDrop!
Now we have Local ABC4All / Nigeria Co-Founder, Adewole Taiwo's reaction from the President's Forum with Young African Leaders:

What was your first reaction to tasting this water in one word?

"I feel relief as soon as I tasted the Plasma Activated Waster (PAW), I became more energized."
Did you share the water with others?  If so, what was their reaction to it?

"I was able to share the water with some of the participants and even some friends in the US who are not part of the Forum, they all feel the same way I feel and they wish PAW could be shipped to Africa."

The coming FOREVER Campaign for Global Humanitarian Relief (FCGHR). To get ready here's the Facebook page to like! http://bit.ly/FOREVERcghr could not have more potential beneficial implications for the catapulting of the ability to bring Plasma Activated Water (PAW) technology to where it is needed most in the world and then eventually to the country of every ABC4All Mentor presently in 109 countries on the way to ALL people receptive to try PAW in every one of the world's countries."  
-- Burton Danet, Ph.D., Rejuvenated Co-Founder, A Better Community For All (ABC4All)

VOTE: SaveWater: $20,000 challenge:

BREAKING NEWS! We are gearing up to release
MANDATED ACTION for What The World Needs Now:  The Kickoff for the FOREVER Campaign for Global Humanitarian Relief (FCGHR)
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A Better Community For All (ABC4All) Press release:
Pakistan Flood Victims Require Massive Assistance The present urgent humanitarian needs of Pakistan require both immediate, First Responder, actions and long-term relief. The devastation and humanitarian needs in Pakistan are among the highest priority in the history of the world.

Please "like" Facebook Page for the FOREVER Campaign for Global Humanitarian Relief (FCGHR) ! We are launching with a 24-hour Kickoff in every time zone. To get ready here's the Facebook page to like!

Working Together to Bring GHR to the World!
ABC4All: A New Direction:
ABC4All-TV WorldWide Network (AWWN)
Uniting and empowering
NGOs/nonprofits worldwide as
OWNERS of unique
advanced technologies for WATER, FOOD and SHELTER!
The Foundation For A Better Community For All
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Immediate versus Long Term Global Humanitarian Relief (GHR)

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